Swim Meet Rides

Summer is in full swing and we are taking full advantage of the long days and slower pace.

I look forward to this time with my girls every year. The smell of fresh cut grass, bare feet and cut off jeans. Last night Lily had a swim meet and she was able to win a heat as well as come in second overall for breast stroke.

Funny thing about Lily is that she doesn’t crave the competition side of swim but the social side. She loves the team aspect. I enjoy watching her with friends. She is a sweet person and she cares about her friends.

The best part about swim meets, for me, and the place I find joy, is the car ride to the swim meet. We have had some of the best conversations during this one on one time. I find out her wants, dreams, aspirations and I learn more and more about her character. The person she is becoming.

That is joy for me and yesterday I was able to experience this joy and I wanted to share with y’all!


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