Bike Ride

What says summer more than a bike ride? Yesterday my daughter and I went out on a bike ride together at dusk and it was glorious! To hear her giggle with delight as the wind whipped against her face. Nothing feels more free than feeling the wind in your hair and the sun warm on your skin. We could smell BBQ’s wafting in the air, hints of hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs. Riding by the pool we could hear kids screaming with delight as they splashed in the water.

Lexi shrilled a blood scream when a large red tailed hawk flew down and right in front of her, almost 3 feet from her face! It’s target was a dead snake that had been run over by a car. What a thrill she felt as her adrenaline rushed. These moments I will never forget and cherish forever. This bike ride had all the emotions from fear to pure joy!

It was hysterical to see Lexi riding her sister’s bike as she bounced over the curbs and her little bun would jump from side to side atop her head. Her smile was amazing, sheer joy radiated from her. I went out on the bike ride with a it of stress and slightly irritated and came home laughing and loving life again. A tiny ounce of therapy.

I look forward to our next bike ride, maybe tonight!

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