Dinner time

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. I brought Lily to swim in the morning, exercised (no I do not regularly exercise), showered ate breakfast, etc. Lily had a sleep over planned at her friend’s house and so Wednesday night was going to be just me and Lexi and if course Salty. Okay, moving onto the moments of joy….

Dinner time, in my household, is actually a time for my girls and I to come together, especially Lexi and I. Last night was no exception. As I began to bang the pots and pans and wash veggie’s, Lexi appeared from upstairs. (She is finishing school for her Jr year in high school and has been working from morning until night.) She questioned what I was making and since I was still at the beginning stages, I let her pick between the two menu items. We have subscribed to Blue Apron so that two nights a week I don’t have to figure anything out for dinner, I just have to make it.

Since their dinners are so easy to make, typically, Lexi can actually make them herself when she feels like it. Anyhow, she decided on the baked BBQ chicken. Typically she will then pick up on the next step and help me. Last night she went off to my room and started going through her phone. Not typical for her but I didn’t want to ask too many questions as this can have the opposite effect and make the teenager run for the hills.

I got started on the task of prepping and I noticed she was slowly moving closer to the kitchen. She had been in a little funk most of the day, kind of quiet. We went through the motions of chopping and cooking together and the conversation started to flow. There is something about being in the kitchen that opens people up. As we cooked, Lexi opened up more and more and was her more talkative self.

The chore of cooking turned into a relaxing summer evening creating a delicious meal that we then enjoyed together.


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