June 8

Okay so I have missed a few days of posting my moment of joy. Summer has gone into full swing and while there have been many good times to write about…..

Today is a day I will not forget to write. 17 years ago today my beautiful and kind daughter Lexi was born. One of the greatest moments in my life by far. She came into this world with a quiet strength, one eye open, a small cry to let us know she was there and then peace.

She makes me smile everyday. That smile that stretches from ear to ear with pure pride. I love this little girl with all my heart and soul. She is my greatest accomplishment in life.

When Lexi smiles, it comes from within and her entire face lights up. You can’t help but smile along with her. She screams at the TV when the Patriot’s are playing, pokes fun of the political garbage and can tell you fun details about different times in our history. She is truly an interesting person to be around. People are lucky to know her.

You know that friend that always puts your feelings first and you can tell them anything and nothing shocks them and they will be there for you no matter what… That’s Lexi. She has been good right from the start. God knitted her in my womb and he made an amazing girl. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her this year.

Happy Birthday!




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