Screened in Porch

The weather took a lovely turn after the terrible storms that sept through here the last few days. The air is dry and slightly cool and the screened in porch is heaven on earth! I brought out a few books and a little sweet tea and enjoyed the setting sun from our couch. Lucky for me my oldest daughter, Lexi came out to visit with me for awhile.

I love chatting with my girl. She is always funny and I feel like we have not had to go through the period of time when you are not friends. She has always been my friend. I love her more than words will ever come close to describe. She is an amazing human being and just sitting there with her on the back porch was magical. I know she will be leaving for college in a year so I am trying to soak up these moments with her. I know all to soon it will change.

For now, I loved every second, every word, every laugh tonight. I have been blessed to have her in my life and tonight was just a reminder at what an amazing person she is. I thank God everyday for her. I am one lucky Momma.

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